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DHS Hurricane 8

Art. Nr.: TJEU20510

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red 2.1


black 2.1


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A generation of sticky-speed rubber The rubber keeps a good balance between flexibility and elasticity. A new high-density sponge with 'MACRO-CELL' & 'High-Elasticity Particle Osmosis technology' helps Hurricane 8 raise the elasticity by 15%. The player can also acquire a high shot speed with weak attack. Hurricane 8 provides unique spin and unpredictable arc and enhances shot speed significantly, which brings a refreshing feeling for offensive players. Hurricane 8 is specially designed to enhance the spin and speed of 40+ Celluloid-Free T.T. balls.

Customer Reviews

Review by External review - Posted on 6/13/2017
I've been using a single black sheet of 2.15 Hurricane 8 on my forehand on and off for the past year, using it intensely and exclusively the last 4 months.I can say it's durability is amazing for a chinese rubber. Keep in mind that I play 3-4 times a week, 3 to 4 hours every session.It offers a medium-high throw, a medium-hard sponge that requires no boosting if you take the time to break it in, and just the right amount of tack. It should be noted that while I haven't tried any other sheet of H8, I've seen videos and reviews about it, and the tackiness seems to be pretty inconsistent throughout different sheets.Great on serves, and on short game, pushes and forehand flicks are easy with the help of the relative insesiveness to incoming spin when on low-gear, together with tackiness. With a bit of practice I found myself executing really deadly short forehand pushes with sharp placement.Opening loops are good but not great. Its tackiness helps picking up the ball for brush-loops on heavy backspin, but while I was able to loop, they weren't as loaded or dangerous as compared to euro/jap type tensor rubbers.Where this rubber truly shines is when loopdriving: Now, if you are used to chinese rubbers, and have a properly developed technique, you'll find how, once broken in, the H8 can produce incredibly fast shots, with decent/good spin (8-9/10), and a dangerously low arc. But be warned, such shots are not easy to achieve: while you can potentially loopdrive pretty much anything that goes just a tad long over the table, executing these shots needs proper footwork positioning, weight transfering, whip-like arm movement and speed, and also torsional speed from the chest. If you've got the physique, go ahead and get a sheet of H8.The one downfall is, besides not being good on passive play, that it feels like it can be a tad inconsistent at times with ball placement on power shots.
Review by External review - Posted on 2/2/2017
Perfect rubber for serve. Push in short play is also easy. But... It will take time to know and befriend with this rubber: In the beginning, it is not very forgiving rubber, slight error in angle or swing, and your hit will be a disaster. But after a decent amount of practices, I found that this rubber is fantastic. Feeling is great, passive blocking is also okay. Good for smashing, loop and counterloop. Flicking is also easy. The only minus is: it is HEAVY. Along with my DHS PG-13 blade, this rubber is on FH, and Yasaka Mark V on BH.
Review by External review - Posted on 12/18/2016
I've learned to loop with this rubber because it has very much spin and an incredible control!
Review by External review - Posted on 11/5/2016
I use it as backhand rubber on a medium fast one ply hinoki blade (off) and it performs quite well for me but i always used chunese rubbers on my backhand. It is not fast on that blade comparede with my Xiom Vega Europe witch is myforehand rubber but it has great control, spin and blocking power. Dont expect it being good for smashes cause it lacks power but you can get the speed with increased spin. It is also good for chopping. Mine is red and at the first day of use it felt compleatly dead and i disliked it. One the next day it was compleatly different and i became to enjoy it a lot.
Review by External review - Posted on 5/30/2016
This rubber shines in the control and spin area. If you are searching a rubber which covers those aspects, then you cannot go wrong with this rubber. However, my overall impression is that this rubber is not for everybody and it is only for spin oriented players. You need to have abnormal strength in order to get the most out of it (most people don't). You can have strength at the beginning when you just start playing with it, but you would not be able to hold out for a long period of time. VERY heavy rubber, too heavy for me. The sponge and surface are super hard. When you hear that you think that the rubber has a lot of speed, but not the case at all. It seems fast at first, but at smash or heavy loop it lacks the kick and it goes into the net. The only way you can generate a lot of speed is by spin. So in essence you need to have good technique to hit the ball strongly with spin nearly every single time in order to have an effective game and not put the ball into the net. Which drains you completely (plus the heaviness of the rubber requires extra strength). So either put on very VERY fast blade (at least OFF, but maybe even faster, because my blade is OFF and I still feel a lack of power - goes into the net...) and play a spin based game or just... don't play with it. Not good away from the table. I hit really hard with it but still no effect. Forget about flat smashing with this rubber. Or any flat hits for that matter. If you smash you need to do it with spin. And to be honest it feels kind of dead on my blade... that's pretty much it.
Review by External review - Posted on 4/22/2016
Over the last few years of developing my game, and trying to figure out my style, my tendency led me to loop attach. I was playing with tensor rubber on my forehand (Xiom Omega IV Pro), but it's too fast and low throw for playing close to the table. I wanted to experiment with Chinese style rubbers, and saw this was relatively new. I bought a sheet from Zero Pong for $28. I called to verify the hardness, and they only stock medium. Perfect. In my first night at the club using it, my game completely transformed. If you are using tensors, and can be honest with yourself that you miss too many shots because you go long, try this. I had very little adjustment. It was stupidly easy to control my shots everywhere. I tried it on my W-6 blade, and found it to be a good fit of flex and speed. Overall speed is medium, but at close to the table, you don't need speed if you're controlling your shots, and moving your opponent around. The rubber put the ball wherever I told it to. I felt like Oh Sang-eun! I swear. I do not tune, and really I don't see the need with this. I am a HUGE believer, that blades need paired to the rubber. Although it works well on my OFF- all wood blade (Because I wan't spin and control first and foremost!), I think this would pair REALLY well with a 729 Bomb blade. That would get you more speed on bigger loops at mid distance. Overall I'm happy. Serves are good with a good brush technique. Lifting backspin is pretty easy. This rubber is a loop drive, smash/Loopkill rubber. But the short game control is shockingly good.
Review by External review - Posted on 2/8/2016
Switching to this from Hurricane 3 Neo on the forehand, I have mixed feelings. The top sheet isn't as tacky, so I can't get as much spin as I'd like. Looping called for an adjustment of stroke bc the rubber is a lot bouncier. Update: I like this rubber a little more than the Neo 3 mainly because it is faster. I've seen how tacky the topsheet is via TableTennisDaily and I probably got a sheet that wasn't as tacky. I can still get a lot of spin on my serves and loops. Driving is a bit more difficult, needed an angle change to get the ball on the table. Blocking is good, push is good. Overall, a great rubber still. Bik boi duh rubbuh so fass ones u win erry pointz
Review by External review - Posted on 1/18/2016
Recently changed from hurricane 3 neo. First impressions, much more power than h3 but slightly unforgiving if stroke form is not good. However, after a while I've adapted to it and it plays really well. Similar to h3, it's able to produce spinny loops and services. Blocking on the forehand is good as well. Great controllability. Highly recommended for intermediate to pro players who prefers Chinese rubbers for the forehand.
Review by External review - Posted on 1/4/2016
very good rubber excellent in offense and defense.
Review by External review - Posted on 12/28/2015
After comparing commercial DHS H3 neo's to Nat & Prov H3 rubbers on many different bats I've concluded that I prefer the softer sponge feel of the Nat and Prov H3 rubbers. A big question mark on whether those were real but after when DHS released the commercial H8 with medium sponge, I have been using this ever since. More tacky than H3 thus more spin, more gears, most gears on H8 have more speed than H3, and the feel of the H8 has much more control and predictability than H3. Highly recommended except for those who are used to using japanese/german/korean rubbers on FH.
Review by External review - Posted on 11/20/2015
Great rubber for forhand. service and serve receive are very controlled due to its tackiness. lacks some power in smashes it is better to play smash with some spin. attack is good from mid distance. control is great in counter loops. lob not good, it is better to attack and counter loop far away from table on opponent's smash like xu xin does (though he don't use this rubber). definitely not a backhand rubber. it has a lot of tackiness in early days after two weeks of playing its tackiness reduces (the ball sticking with top sheet reduces with time)
Review by External review - Posted on 10/13/2015
Very nice rubber.. More spin and good control... I like this rubber.. You must try it
Review by External review - Posted on 10/11/2015
Ideal for 40+ ball. Need fast movement for effective hit. Very good in counter attack with plastic ball using mix of driver with smash or smashes with top spin. Good for short ball like stops.
Review by External review - Posted on 10/10/2015
i like this rubber. you must clean it with water between every match if you can see dust accumulating or the play degrades quickly. as with most tacky hard rubbers, H8 has great short game. sidespin pushing is very effective. looping is easy and H8 produces a low arc which allows for more power. pairs very well with hino-carbon. soft and fast racket + slower harder rubber = options. try a sheet.
Review by External review - Posted on 10/5/2015
This is definately overrated. A rubber with bery low durability and bad speed. Spin is very dependent on your strokeo
Review by External review - Posted on 8/26/2015
Very good rubber, use it with hayabusa zxi. Very fast with 2 layers of falcon tempo long booster. Very satisfied.
Review by External review - Posted on 6/24/2015
Super tacky. This is H3 but faster and more spin. Hard sponge

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