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DHS Skyline 3-60

Art. Nr.: TJEU20511

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red 2.1


black 2.1


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More direct and fast version of Skyline rubber. More speed and power allows to play aggressive topspins near the table or from medium distance without loosing control when playing short game or blocking.
Also available with the special sponge (No.21) designed for a new glue.

Customer Reviews

Review by External review - Posted on 6/12/2017
DHS Skyline 3-60 Mid is really nice when boosted (Falco long term). Even though the boosting softens the sponge, there seems to be no loss of speed. At least for my game, my strokes, it seemed like I got a much higher percentage of balls on the table, especially when hitting. I'm a flat hitter, with little margin for error, and that margin seemed to increase quite a bit. Mid-distance counter-driving (5-10 feet off the table) seemed effortless. Somewhat greater spin when looping compared to unboosted. Table game - pushing, receiving - seemed about the same as with good ol' Mark V. And, for those who like that sort of thing, it makes a loud sound, just like with speed glue, when hitting hard. Anyhow: Skyline unboosted is nice. boosted, it's great.
Review by External review - Posted on 4/8/2017
Ordered from Eacheng. There was no indication for hardness at the site. But after arriving on the label I can see 37 degrees. I have Skyline TG 3 Neo and it is not similar on looks neither on playing. Sounds like tensor. Much more softer. Very linear and easy to play, not like TG3N, because for TG3N you have a classic chinese rubber, where you have to use your arm very well. 3-60 works like a japanese rubber. For spin, TG3N/10 and 3-60/9. Speed is same. Control TG3N/7,5 and 3-60/10. Loop and drive very easy. Seems you put the ball with your hands. 3-60 has a nice bouncing, not like TG3N that in a short movement if you come from Euro/Japanese rubber and is not used to chinese rubber the ball falls before the net. I am using it in a Yasaka Ma Lin extra offensive JTTA version. Since this blade has a very high control, together with 3-60 rubber you can realize how easy is to play. If you are a very good player, with a good shape on your body and arm movements, with the right technics for a chinese rubber, you can play and get benefit for the superb spin of TG3N. But if you play like Euro/Japanese style, choose 3-60. You pay more, but you get what you pay. Very good for smash as well. Now using G555 on backhand, RBP.
Review by External review - Posted on 1/30/2017
Very good spin and control ! But lacks of speed if you've used fast rubbers like rakza or tenergy before. The serving is great because the tackiness. It's a great rubber if you like Chinese style but I think I'm going back to rakza 9 !
Review by External review - Posted on 10/14/2016
Not as spinny as h3 neo or h8. Have low throw angle, medium soft sponge, very loud sound, tackiness is there but become grippy after some game. Very deadly for blocking and direct hit ( drive very hard ) bcause you can feel the ball sink into the sponge and the topsheet like give you some dwell time. Not good for spin based game play.
Review by External review - Posted on 8/27/2016
A little bit slow, not so spini like ESN rubbers. Need fast blade.
Review by External review - Posted on 7/19/2016
Used this rubber on my Adidas Strike Carbon blade and it was a good improvement on the Yasaka Rakza 7. On the Rakza 7, I cannot control the ball, it usually goes long when I smash and loop but on this rubber the control is much better. Used this also on DHS PG7 blade (all wood) but the speed got slower and I need to swing more harder.
Review by External review - Posted on 7/1/2016
just want to ask, is it will be good to put this rubber on nittaku acoustic (allwood) blade?
Review by External review - Posted on 6/13/2016
I had many Rubbers with very high speed, high spin and some of them slow and good control but they were difficult to get use to. This rubber somehow, SOMEHOW! makes you feel, you had it since years _! Your spins and strong shots will be always under your control. GOOD JOB.
Review by External review - Posted on 1/20/2016
good all around rubber. chop very nice.
Review by External review - Posted on 11/17/2015
Im using nitakku acoustiv carbon... I already use tenergy 05 , tenergy 25 , donic jp03... but 3-60 is the best.... all my shot just amazing ... even in bad position ... i have full of confidence using this rubber.. its really for polyball... when using my other rubber i have the problem in making my topspin in the table... shot game: very nice block : automatic in right angle.. chop : very nice top spin: spin machine.... all my team mates... different playing style ... now using this rubber... its amazing
Review by External review - Posted on 10/11/2015
Similar to DHS H2 with Nittaku sponge, slight hard. Need to use booster to best performance. Very good for block over the table and loop atack at middle distance like penholder players.

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