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Donic Quattro Formula

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Incorporates Speed Gluing Effect, But Is Not Too Fast Experts have known it for a long time: while speed gluing makes rubber faster, the dominant effect is to make the rubber softer and - at least subjectively - to produce better ball control - despite the speed-glued rubber being spinnier and faster. By adding Formula tuning to our QUATTRO rubber, we have increased the performance, but we have limited the speed to ensure that you can easily keep the rubber under control. As a result, new QUATTRO Formula rubber incorporates all the traditional advantages of speed glue, while giving more ball control and higher precision. This makes QUATTRO Formula ideal for allround players and players who prefer good ball control. No other rubber has ever provided such a good feeling with relatively high speed. DONIC QUATTRO Formula Relatively High Speed with Four Times the Feeling.

Customer Reviews

Review by External review - Posted on 10/31/2015
Paired with Donic Dotec Walder AR blade. Didn't seem to do anything particularly well, or better than many other rubbers available on the market now (2015). The high throw, soft sponge and low control combination didn't work well together. Had the control been higher this rubber would make a lot more sense, however with the low control (I agree with the ratings) I found it doing nothing particularly well, or better than another rubber could for the same price. It did have a noticeably higher throw than a standard Hexer or Vega Europe/Vega Pro etc, but WITHOUT the control, spin or speed of them. Throw angle would be slightly lower than T05 though. There are many rubbers with better combinations of control and spin, control and speed, speed and throw etc etc. Unless the Dotec AR was a poor blade/rubber combination, the Community ratings tell the story. Eg, Durability 5.5 /10, Gears 5/10 etc. Very Average.
Review by External review - Posted on 4/28/2013
Not so fast but very controllable and spinny rubber.Good choice for backhandside for all-around players.2.0mm is best option for me i really like this rubber.
Review by External review - Posted on 8/22/2012
Very soft sponge and light rubber utilising tensor. Control much better than most tensors due to the soft sponge (extra dwell time).Quite fast though meant for spin more than speed.Most suitable for all-rounder attack with extra control rather than all out speed.
Review by External review - Posted on 4/15/2011
Played a complete season with this rubber for backhand. never loved it, never hated it so I'm going for something different next year. currently playing coppajo silver on forehand 2.1mm and I'm thinking on trying a thinner version for my backhand. not tacky enough for me and throw angle too high for my game
Review by External review - Posted on 4/29/2010
Quattro formula is a very soft and controllable tensor with a rather high throw angle.Compared to the F3 desto big slam it's slightly slower and more suited for agressive allrounders than attackers.It pushes remarkably well, blocking takes a while to get used to when switching from a classic rubber due to the throw angle and softness.Attack wise it's above average, what else did you expect from a tensor?Definitely one of my personal allround favourites!
Review by External review - Posted on 2/13/2010
An excellent rubber for offensive players. It's a very fast rubber.
Review by External review - Posted on 9/30/2009
A lil' hard to describe as I'm not a frequent user when it's related to tensor rubbers. Compared to Xiom yanus, this donic has less spin (yanus is slightly tacky when new) and more speed. Need more gears near the table, it's a mid-distance animal.
Review by External review - Posted on 2/28/2009
Donic's quattro formula rubber is allround with tensor technology. In my opinion, it is not that great of a rubber for advanced players. maybe for beginners it is a good choice, but for advanced attackers its too slow. Basically, the speed is very mediocre, not near as fast as tenergy or other tensors. It is somewhat spinny, and the sponge is relatively soft. So it is okay for looping very spinny balls, such as countering underspin or high arc loops. But the poor speed of the blade will just not get you anywhere. For defensive purposes, it is pretty good for blocking. The control is pretty good for doing things such as blocking or counterlooping. I would not recommend this rubber for anyone who is advanced.
Review by External review - Posted on 5/20/2008
I must say that the Donic Quatro rubber is simply awsome. It like playing wiht the 40mm ball again.

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