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Friendship Cream Red Magic Sponge

Art. Nr.: TJEU20608

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 Spinney soft surface combined with increased power of Magic Red Sponge gives this rubber tremendous ability to produce speed and spin.  Properties:  •High speed inverted rubber  •Super touch  •MAGIC RED SPONGE  •Fast spinning  •Quick attack and Loop  •For initializing attack  •ITTF/USATT/CTTA approved  •Performs well with or without speed glue     Specifications:  •Speed: 9++  •Spin: 9++  •Control: 9+  •Deception: 0  •Sponge: 2.2mm     Comments:Probably the most talked about Chinese rubber ever. This combination of Cream topsheet and MRS sponge was discovered by players, not the manufacturer. The combination was so good, the manufacturer decided to produce as a special line. Cream with Magic Red Sponge the ultimate utility rubber Cream MRS can do it all with unparalleled control. New generation MRS has smaller air cell technology allowing the sponge to be lighter medium softness without losing its integrity.

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