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Joola Eagle Fast

Art. Nr.: TJEU0043

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The Eagle fast, a low-budget balsa blade. The high quality manufactured offensive blade weighs only 70 grams. One should not philosophise too long about the spezial playing features - you have to experience it for yourself. And with this JOOLA novelty the perfect blade for offensive players.Additional product detailseSpeed: 94 Control: 90 Characteristics: Offensiv- Weight (g): 70 Layers: 5

Customer Reviews

Review by External review - Posted on 5/20/2017
Very good and cheap balsa blade. Mine weights 82g which is pretty heavy for a balsa. Never mind. With soft sponge rubbers it works very well. Chops and blocks are easy. For looping I had to adjust my technic towards the table because of the low throw angle. It' s fast enough when you hit and slows down for chops and blocks. Controll is always great. I recommend this blade for allround offensive players.
Review by External review - Posted on 8/22/2016
I absolutely love the sound of the the racket when it comes into contact with the ball. The blade is extremely light but has great speed and control. Ideal for playing both on and off table.
Review by External review - Posted on 6/21/2015
Thick. Have not used its rubber on other blades, socan't compare well its speed or control, except for:rather flimsy with direct hits or blocking direct hits, thehow did the ball go that way? feeling came to me about onein three such shots. Now I learned to use more topspin andget fewer of such weird shots. still the sweet spot is rather smalland instead of perfecting my technique I took the shortcut(not having enough time) of nano-technology or carbon-reinforced blades.
Review by External review - Posted on 5/4/2013
Personally I prefer carbon blades but for a wood blade this was very fast, probably due to the balsa. When you loop it is atomic and has great spring off counters and blocks, almost too much spring. Of course it is still all wood so good control. Absolutely cracking speed. Honestly, it feels as fast as my ZJK. Highly recommended to players who prefer wood blades.
Review by External review - Posted on 3/5/2011
What to say..70g weight+fast rubbers= extreme fast player..I am not one of them, but when I paired it with LKT proXP 1.5mm, doesn't miss any more hits that often vent over the table, and because light weight don't spend my energy so much, so I can enjoy in my games longer than those who get tired after 90min effective game. Try it, without regrets------------------------------------Sta reci, tezina govori sama za sebe. Kada sam upario ovo drvce sa LKT proXP 1.5, sve lopte koje su isle preko stola su postale poeni, a zbog male tezine se nisam zamarao tako da mi sam mogao duze da uzivam u igranju. Ko je ne proba bice mu zao..

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