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Xiom Sigma II Pro

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Review by External review - Posted on 1/15/2017
What Xiom says on the package about SIIPro:Hard sponge, close-mid distance from table, control-mixed-aggressive srategies, Tour expertise (the highest after Elite and Pro), High-Very High Impact Speed, VHigh-Extreme Spin (Ball contact), Extreme-VHigh Precision.What I Think:I consider all of Xiom's claims to be true (And although I am not a Tour player, the feel of SIIPro is breathtaking. It does feel like a pro tour quality rubber -would feel to me. This rubber has an infnite amount of gears and speed-spin combo resources for close mid distance players (most players) without any exageration. INSANE CONTROL, automaticity and versatility make this rubber a true premium experience at half the price of Tenergy and other similar ESN's. I used this all back beauty on BH with a yasaka extra allround blade and really felt like I hit the lottery. I absolutely loved it and began to explore the universe of jaw dropping shots and rallies SIIPro provides con the FH wing. It turns out ir is DEFINETELY A FH rubber, reccommended with 11/10 overall. Out of the best rubbers I have ever tried, this -at max thick- comes a close first before Acuda Blue P2 -2.0mm-, JOOLA Maxxx-p, Tibhar Evo mx-s, Technical comment:This rubber is made by ESN with the same sponge-topsheet dynamics as andro rasant for example, that is TENSOR & BIOS . Difference is the sponge: Xiom's sponge is much harder, and behaves even more dynamicaly than the iconic green sponge. This comes as a pleasant surprise to anyone that's tried Rasant rubbers that tend to surprise oponents based on versatility and spin. While the carbo sponge outplays the green sponge during close-mid distance play, RASANT rubbers excell at long distance play due to softer, bouncier sponges in general.
Review by External review - Posted on 3/18/2016
To create a decent heavy loop or top spin, the ball should deep enough on the top sheet & penetrate adequately to interact with its black carbo sponge. Take note its a heavy rubber but overall a very good rubber from Xiom.
Review by External review - Posted on 2/16/2015
Play in 2mm sponge, fh. Reasonably fast but controllable due to great spin. Slower and more spinny than first sigma. Sigma best series in xiom range imo
Review by External review - Posted on 1/22/2015
It's really good!Hi spin with strong topspins and drives with spiny serves and goof control!It's the best I have played with tenergy 80 and 05 (my backhand rubber is 80) but sigma is really the best & only!
Review by External review - Posted on 12/15/2014
Very heavy rubber. Good spin and speed but less control. Good for attacker but not good for defensive player. One thing that make me like this rubber is because you don't need many power to generate spin.
Review by External review - Posted on 11/24/2014
Best for both forehand and backhand
Review by External review - Posted on 11/21/2014
I've used Vega Pro on my FH for years, and gave this a try. It's much faster, and has a noticeably harder sponge. It reminded me a lot of Omega IV Pro.Personally, I really didn't like this rubber as I felt like I had to make perfect contact or I'd miss. Oddly enough, I was putting a lot of my loops and blocks in the net rather than missing long. It was difficult to engage and compress the sponge, so the overall feel was really unpredictable for me.
Review by External review - Posted on 8/3/2014
This is my fh dream!!This rubber behaves like normal rubber after 1 layer of tuning... and has better control then any rubber i know in this speed range...Buy it and you will not be disappointed!
Review by External review - Posted on 12/24/2013
A very fast rubber for the offensive player. to retain some control, match it with a medium hard or off blade. a bit heavy causing unbalanced feel, had to counter it with a light rubber on the BH. this rubber is well-suited for the offensive player who attacks on the third ball.
Review by External review - Posted on 11/8/2013
Personally like this better than Ten 05 on my 4H.
Review by External review - Posted on 10/5/2013
If you are playing with Xiom Sigma II Pro, STOP. And listen! This is not a rubber you play with. This is a rubber you have a conversation with. It starts when you grasp your blade and Sigma II Pro wakes up and says Hi, what are we going to do today? There are rubbers out there that are faster, spinnier, have more control but they do not have a soul. Xiom Sigma II Pro, does. It has a soul. Never have I played with a rubber that has such a synergy between the topsheet and sponge. It talks to me. It tells me everything about the incoming ball and asks me what I want to do with the ball, then it does it. This is the first and only rubber with built in Artificial Intelligence and a sixth sense. It is not very affected by incoming spin but is capable of producing a lot of spin of its' own. It has many, many gears. As advertised by Xiom, ! it really does have a winning trajectory. I use it on my forehand in maximum thickness and looping with it is sheer delight. Think of any shot in the game and the Sigma II Pro will execute it with unflappable poise and precision. The most playable rubber there is. Xiom Sigma II Pro - it just wins.
Review by External review - Posted on 6/17/2013
Awesome rubbers. I'm a shakehand player, with a Stiga NCT Allround Wood blade, with Sigma 2 Pro Red on the forehand and Sigma 2 Euro on the Backside. This gives me a perfect combination of attack and control. I mean at the table, mid table and counter attack from back of the room. I can honestly say that this combination is perfect for all round play. But then it's great for defending, but then it's great for attacking. It's actually a great combination for what ever style you want. I am so impressed with the latest set from Xiom. I have used Xiom for the last 2 years and would say give them a try honestly, they are a good alternative to the butterfly tenergy range... not a compromise an alternative. If you are in to fast play but less control, couple these rubbers up with the Xiom Stradivarius - I also have this combination and my goodness fast fast fast.
Review by External review - Posted on 5/25/2013
Got me a pair of this. A very uncontrollable rubber, with not so much spin as mentioned in the reviews. I can think of many players who whould like this, but not me.
Review by External review - Posted on 5/24/2013
Along with the Sigma II Europe , this is the Don Perrignon of rubbers!! A class by itself, Nirvana...!!
Review by External review - Posted on 2/17/2013
better than 05
Review by External review - Posted on 2/17/2013
get and enjoy... best rubber

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